Stories of Doing Research in the Real World

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Real Methods is a blog-style space for stories about implementing evaluation and social science research in the real world. Evaluand is dedicated to building capacity in our community and this is your opportunity to contribute. If you want to share a research methods success story, blooper, or other hint to help others learn and be more successful, follow these steps:

  • Click the hamburger menu (top right) to open the LOGIN FORM; click Create an Account
  • Enter your full name, a user name, and a password; click Register
  • When you receive the confirmation email (check your Spam folder), use the link to authenticate your email address
  • Check and edit the profile information and click Submit
  • Once the Evaluand admin has confirmed that you are a real person, your account will be activated and you will receive one more email
  • You are now an Evaluand contributor - congratulations!

Submitting a story to Real Methods:

  • Log in to, scroll down to the USER MENU, and click Submit an Article
  • Tell your story under the Content tab of the editor
  • Add a Title; the Alias field will complete itself
  • Leave the settings under the Publishing tab alone
  • Click Save and your article will be submitted
  • Once it has been reviewed by the admin, it will be published in Real Methods, below
  • Stories will be listed with the most recent at the top; stories are searchable

The rules for Real Methods are simple:

  • Use your real name when you register. We need to be able to identify that you are an actual researcher (i.e., by finding evidence that you exist online).
  • Keep content workplace appropriate. Your story will be reviewed before publication.
  • Keep your formatting basic. We're more interested in your story than your skills with the editor.
  • If you have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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